Top 15 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website (Secret Tips)

15 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website(Secret Tips). Blog SEO is the most effective and popular way to increase website traffic. By discussing and posting various topics related to the niche on the blog, the visitor can be benefited from a variety of important information.

In this way, if the visitor benefits by using the information from your blog for his own needs, then he himself will be inspired to come back to your blog and at the same time inspire his acquaintances to visit your blog.

By doing this you are getting your old visitors, along with creating many more new visitors. In this way, your blog trust will increase along with the possibility of constantly increasing the visitors to your blog, which will be a great help to make your blog popular.

Top 15 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

1. Guest post

Guest posts play the most effective role in increasing traffic or visitors to the blog. You need to find online blogs of the various high domain and page authorities for the type of niche products or topics you post on your blog.

Which will give you the opportunity to post guests and get links from that site? This will increase the chances of some visitors coming from the posts of that niche-related site and will increase the ranking of your blog, which will create good link building. You can also do good paid guest posting if needed.

2. Blog comment

Do follow and no follow backlinks can be taken for the site by commenting on the blog. Links can be taken by commenting on various blog posts of different high authorities related to your blog. Because many people will read your comment and the link that you have created with your name will come to your site by clicking on another blog.

3. Share on social networking sites

Social networking sites have become very popular among internet users at present. You can share your own web blog site post with your acquaintances from your own social networking site account or you can share paid from the page named after your website on the social site.

If your post goes viral, you will get many unique visitors to your site, who can later become regular readers of your blog. Some social network sites – such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

3. Forum posts and comments

Various useful topics can be discussed in the forum. Questions and answers can be given on various topics and do-follow links can be taken from it.

This helps in improving the position of your website from other online sites. V7nForum, Digital point Forum, etc. can be posted in the forum.

4. Email Outreach

You can promote various blog posts through e-mail, and you can have a subscription system on your blog so that people can get updates on the posts on your blog site. In this way, just as you are getting new e-mail addresses, you will also get some readers for a long time.

You can send emails by taking the services of many email service organizations like MailChimp.

5. Search engine submission

You can submit your blog to various popular search engines like Google, Bing. Because a lot of the time search engines will create opportunities for many new visitors to come to your site with the keywords of your blog post.

6. Social bookmarking shares

Social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. will play a powerful role in promoting post links to your website and strengthening the site’s position.

7. Video sharing

Popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Video can share videos on various topics related to the blog by channeling the video according to the name of the blog site. In this way, people who want to visit the blog site can easily go to the blog by following the link from the channel.

If the video gets a lot of popularity, a lot of traffic will be generated, thus bringing new visitors to the blog.

8. Article submission

One of the most popular sources to bring visitors to your blog right now is to submit your web blog posts to various article submission sites.

If you submit a popular blog post on an article submission site like Articlesphere, Ezine, readers will come to your blog if they like it. In addition, your blog post will be shared on many social sites, this will create faster traffic and a better ranking of the blog.


Pay per click or paid advertisement can be given to reach the buyer by targeting niche product keywords through PPC. It costs money to get more web traffic from other sites through PPC.

10. Directory submission

Websites can be submitted to various web directories by niche category. There are many more web directories like DMOZ, Pegasus, World web-directory.

11. Photo sharing

Website blog photos can be shared on various photo sharing sites like Photobucket, Flickr, many visitors come to such sites. From where you can get many visitors for your blog.

12. Link exchange

Weblinks can be shared by discussing with different websites. There will be a need for many websites, you will need to exchange links by building a chain of several websites without taking links directly from one website to another.

Then there is no problem with the Google algorithm.

13. Document sharing

Various information-rich documents, business documents, etc. of the website can be shared on popular document sharing sites like- Slideshare, Issuu, etc.

14. Reference link

After a lot of information is needed on different websites at different times. That information can be information researched on different topics.

With such information, your site can help in creating an article on any website. You can get the reference link from that article.

15. Press release shares

Some press releases can be made on the website blog and shared on various press release sites. The Press releases can be given on various websites like Open PR, PRLip.

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