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According to our knowledge, WP Engine was off the first-ever company to provide WordPress web hosting services, especially for WP. WP Engine Hosting is a brand that entertains almost 90,000 customers in 140 countries by offering the best-managed hosting services. WP Engine is based in Austin, TX, and has years of experience in providing customer delight in the form of Performance, intelligence, and integrity. You are here to know everything about WP Engine Hosting Services, so we have written this in-detailed review article to look at the pros and cons of the WP Engine and decide why it’s the best choice for all.

wordpress web hosting

Pros of WP Engine Hosting Services

WP Engine is a premium WordPress web hosting service Provider Company that started back in 2010 and now it’s known for its ultimate services. Whether it’s their promise of fast speed, seamless integration, or powerful security, WP Engine is an all-rounder in everything they claim to provide. Jason Cohen found WP hosting.

  • Speed and Performance (643 ms):

Many factors go into website speed performance, but we can understand it with the rule of thumb, which means the more complex site is, the more complex solutions you will need. A website loaded with custom theme files, lots of images, forms, and widgets will surely need a customized cloud server that can maintain the loading speed. Sometimes, you need a customized service that can manage resources by caching in a certain order and can optimize the file. Yes, and that service provider is WP Engine. It takes your website’s speed very seriously, and that’s why offers you more advanced caching service than a typical web host.

wordpress web hosting

  • 99% Uptime:

We know every second hosting company claims to provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee, but still, it’s worth taking into consideration. The good news is WP Engine after passing every uptime test ranks at 99.99% and proves itself extremely reliable. So yes, users can count on it to be the most stable and keep the downtime to a minimum.

  • Exceptional Support:

One of the best perks of WP Engine Hosting is it provides outstanding customer support. You can get the advantage of a pretty fast Live Chat option. You can connect with the experts anytime and discuss your concerns. If you want to experience 24/7 live customer support, then you can confidently rely on WP Engine Hosting Services.

  • Security and Backups:

Securing your website is one of the best suits of WP Engine Managed Web Hosting services. This company goes the extra mile to take several measures to protect WP sites, such as the WP engine offering daily malware/virus scans in partnership with Sucuri. The company monitors and updated the firewall to block all threats.

Every plan comes with automated SSL certificates and provides backed-up daily features. With its one-click restore feature, you can recover your website from any attack.

wordpress web hosting

  • 60-Days Money Back Guarantee:

WP Engine also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all their subscription plans. Yes, if you don’t feel like using their services, you can claim their 60 days’ money-back guarantee offer. It’s risk-free and always for your benefit.

  • Automatic WP Installation & Easy Migration:

The best thing about the WP engine is WordPress gets automatically installed on your site. Yes, you don’t need to do anything. However, if you also want to migrate your website to the WP engine from your current host, then it’s also pretty easy.

Cons of WP Engine Hosting Services

  • Pricing Factor:

Don’t think to go for WP Engine if you have less budget because the WP engine is not inexpensive at all. Their startup plan is for $35/mo, and that includes a single install and only up to 25,000 visits per month, so it can be considered as a fall in terms of pricing if we compare it with our hosting companies which are offering the same services with additional perks.

Recommended or not?

Well, it’s recommended for those who have enough budget for their hosting plans. If you are a start-up and just want to tweak the features, then this hosting is not the right choice.

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