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Web Hosting with Purpose – Dreamhost Hosting Review

Dreamhost with a well-established stance in the industry is the trusted name of Web Hosting World service Provider Company. They offer exciting features such as shared hosting plans with well-reputed platforms like WordPress, and also they personally offer website building options, along with other platforms like Wix. But, what lies behind the back? True or not? For this, we have presented a clear picture by listing the pros and cons of Dreamhost hosting services. So, let’s have a look at these.


Pros of Web Hosting World Dreamhost Services

How Dreamhost provides, it said excellent features, or are true their promises or not? We have collected authentic data to portray the true picture of Web Hosting World Dreamhost said promises, while doing so, we have realized that these are practically achieved by the successful accomplishment of Dreamhost’s reliable hosting services.

  • More than Average Loading Speed:

Dreamhost offers 719ms speed time, which is a bit more than average but not competitive with 350 to 400 ms efficiency. The best part of this speedy performance is that they show consistent maintenance of this average speed. Apart from the exception, with one or two troubling incidences where the speed was recorded as 1,316 ms, they have improved their performance and had achieved persistence with keeping the efficiency, not below this line.


  • True 99.96% Uptime:

Dreamhost offers a true 99.96% uptime, which reliability of their hosting performance; however, they put a restriction of credit to this consistency. As per the limit reaches below the monthly threshold, they charge credits for the consistency of this service. They promise 100% uptime with a guarantee, but issues, with databases, email, and websites are caused by any possibility make it down. However, the difference is not big, so the uptime is still considered to appreciate Dreamhost hosting services.

  • More Than 3 months Refund Policy:

Trust bondage between customers and service providers is the main part of a company’s or product’s success. Dreamhost offers excellent transparency with 97 days refund policy. However, there are a few restrictions to this refund i.e.; they don’t allow a refund on checks or cash payments; they only offer credit card refunds. Also, the services which you purchase with an exception to the chosen package, e.g., Adwords, SSL certificates, etc., are not refunded.

  • Highly Considerable Basic Plans:

Many of the hosting services providers put excellent packages in premium, and business plans, however, their basic plans are not very considerable. Yet, Dreamhost is the priority in this case. They offer amazing features in their basic plan, which will let you enjoy many parts of the premium or business plans as you see in other hosting services. This includes SSL certificates, unlimited traffic, and storage. Yes, it is unlimited and amazingly best to let you enjoy the best web hosting experience.

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  • Limits for Efficiency:

With lots of unlimited features of Dreamhost, they restrict a few limitations, but only those that are workable with limits, and genuinely do not require unlimited size. It is good to save memory when it is not usable. For this, the Dreamhost VPS server offers 2 GB email size and a few GB of MySQL databases.

  • No additional Charges on Renewal policy:

Many hosting plans add additional charges when you renew your hosting plans. Dreamhost is not one of these, although you might get no dramatic discount for the first few years. Also, you will not have to pay triple or double the amount at the renewal time. So it is a big cost-saving approach to Dreamhost’s hosting services.

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Cons of Web Hosting World Dreamhost Services

With an above-average performance of Dreamhost, there are a few exceptions with fall in a down line of best performances.

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  • No Live Chat Option:

The main drawback Dreamhost is not readily available for live chat support. It is very painful for users with emergency requirements. This way, the user’s unsatisfactory rating put them lower at the highest efficiency line.

  • No Access to cPanel:

They offer no access to cPanel, yes it is another unfortunate part of Dreamhost’s hosting services. With this, they charge credit for migration. So, for experts, it is very unfavorable for having a paid migration with no control over your cPanel.

Recommended or not?

With the admirable excellence of Dreamhost’s hosting services, its customer support, and its own customizable control is a bit itchy. But, if you like it, then Dreamhost is great to consider.

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