Top 6 Best VPS Hosting Reviews in 2022 [Update]

Okay, you are using shared hosting, until your site developers and gets a lot of traffic. This is the moment when things start going wrong, the website crashes, the wind stops and you think: what to do? Answer: Cheap VPS Hosting! Yes, shared hosting can be good when you are starting a website or building a small website.

But if you really want to build a big project, then you need a virtual private server. But what is Top best web hosting providers for virtual servers today? What is the cheapest? Which is one of the best features and support? So here in this post, you can see which are the best and cheapest VPS Hosting providers.

If you still have questions about virtual private servers, you can find useful information at the end of this message.

Whether you want to build a website or if you already have one, you should know that you will get the benefit of having the best hosting when it comes to positioning yourself in search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo and Which translates into more visits which are equivalent to more conversions or money, which is why below you will see my list of Best VPS Hosting 2020.

Below is information about hosting and domains, different types of hosting, and recommendations that you should follow so that you can make better decisions than renting.

The list of Best VPS Hosting – Windows and Linux

VPS hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is an excellent technology equipped with features and components of both shared web hosting and dedicated server services. It’s cheaper, faster, more responsive, and easier to use. This is a smart choice for those who want a dedicated server but can’t afford it and can’t get their own virtual server environment.

The Best VPS Hosting Reviews in 2020 webmaster or site owner has complete control over the operating system and is allocated a portion of the main resources such as CPU core, storage space, and RAM. This means that each site resides in a shared server area.

VPS hosting providers place multiple websites on the same server and this reduces the cost of running. The compiled monthly or annual fee is relatively lower than dedicated hosting. Depending on the configuration required, it is between $20 and $100 per month.

Usually, most VPS hosting providers offer Linux-based operating systems, but when you do a little more research for your website you will find some that also offer Windows-based VPS hosting. If your site does not require a Microsoft-compatible environment, it is advisable to go for Linux-based VPS hosting as it is a little cheaper.

But first, what is VPS hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server:

  • “Private” means that you get all server resources allocated privately. Do not share these resources with other customers.
  • “Virtual” means that your server is not a separate machine, but runs as a virtual configuration on a more powerful server. More virtual machines can run in that “primary” server.


  1. A2 Hosting #Best VPS hosting providers

a2 hosting

A2 Hosting, a company committed to providing excellent quality hosting, speed, and achieving its highest priority. This company uses its “Turbo Server” to always use the latest technology such as SSD disks, high-performance Swift servers, and, as they themselves guarantee on their platforms.

That your site loads 20 times faster than traditional servers Hoagie, although this is also partly true as they also have strategically located data centers around the world in Amsterdam, Singapore, Spain, the United States, and Latin American countries.

A2 hosts a web hosting provider thanks to outstanding service in its history, having won numerous awards such as Best Hosting 2020, Fastest Web Hosting, Most Reliable Hosting, Best Web Hosting at Affordable Prices, and many more awards.

Boost Your SEO & Conversion Rate!

So if you do a little more research about them, you will find that they always hold a prominent position in the lists of the best hosting.

This is the hosting we use here at WPOneapp and we want to show you this. They offer 99.9% uptime, up to 20x servers fast, and as a customer, I can tell you that this is one of the best hostings I’ve come across.

It may not be the cheapest hosting provider, but the quality of service, the stability of their servers, and support are worth more than anything.

But what I really like about A2 Hosting is without a doubt the speed of its servers. This is something that really makes me happy on a hosting site, plus it’s very rare that my site is down, and if so, it’s for a few minutes. This makes it clear that your uptime is excellent.

a2 fast hosting

This provider provides managed and unmanaged VPS servers. You can also choose Windows and Linux operating systems.

Their prices start at $5 (Linux) for unmanned VPS. For managed VPS hosting plans, it starts at $25.00 (Linux), $36.29 (Windows VPS). The Best web hosting A2 Hosting offers VPS in the cloud (fully customization).



  1. Liquidweb Best Using People

liquid web

Liquidweb is a great hosting company that is one of the best hosting plans in the VPS hosting segment. It comes with great features and is perfect for VPS services. Their overall uptime is impressive and they have a 24/7 customer support team.

Webmasters can choose server locations with SiteGrade and receive a free CDN to improve speed.

Liquidweb is a hosting provider that has been in operation since 1997 and has since been in constant development of projects that allow it to develop and innovate, making it an effective hosting solution today.

It was built in Bulgaria, but today it also has offices in Spain, so it provides 100% service in Spanish, apart from being well-priced in the United States, it is a company that has not stopped growing since. And which today has more than 2 million registered domains.

Provides plans and all types of hosting; Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS, Cloud Hosting. They have a 30-day guarantee. They provide unlimited space and bandwidth, and of course, 24/7 online technical support (in English).

Liquidweb is a hosting provider that guarantees speed by relying on the high reliability and availability of its servers. This is one of the best hostings for WordPress, which I suggest if you are one of those people who work under the WordPress environment.

Benefits of Liquidweb

liquid plan


Innovation: The term you have seen in this article is not, because the reality is that liquidweb is a very refreshing and refurbished hosting. It has a young and very ready team always oriented to offer innovations that improve your experience when hosting your website. Surely soon we will see them offering new ideas.

Speed: This hosting is undoubtedly one of the fastest and it is quite stable even in speed, it does not have many variations.

Availability: Like all good accommodations, Liquidweb has significantly higher availability, close to 100%. That is, with this hosting your website is always available online and for your users.

Quality Support: As mentioned above, the customer support of this company is top-notch.

Ease of use: Being one of its main objectives, managing a website with Sitegrade is actually easy for even the most inexperienced person.

Unlimited Traffic: This hosting does not limit the number of people who can visit your website.

Diversity of languages: This company offers its services in many languages, due to which it has around 2 million customers worldwide.

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  1. HostGator – Most Unlimited VPS


HostGator is one of the best-known hosting companies out there. They provide some type of hosting, act as domain registrars, and have their own custom website building tools.

Uptime is great, which you can see in our test data below, but load times may be better, with current ones above the one-second mark.

HostGator has two data centers in the US: Utah and Texas.

Server specs are good for the price and provide more flexibility than a shared server hosting setup. You get full root access, which means you can do a lot with your server.

There is unlimited free cPanel for RAID 10 disk configuration, weekly off-site backup, and cPanel Migration (plus 90 custom migrations).

The Support is available 24 hours + 7 days a week. The staff is helpful and will take extra time to review your setup and fix things for you.

In the list of 6best VPS hosting providers, 2020, you cannot resist the name of Hostgator.

It is one of the best VPS hostings and is good for novice webmasters and people who are developing a high-end website. Their site-building software is very helpful and provides 99.99% uptime.

HostGator has many advantages over hosting. Uptime has improved significantly over the last year. Customer service was good. And the abundance of initial options makes it easy to use.

hostgator vps review

However, the combination of slow speeds and additional price increases is too expensive to be considered a decent price.

However, we would not suggest the reason as they have a better option in store which actually offers a good price.

HostGator’s WordPress cloud hosting is initially a bit more expensive on paper, but the performance is also significantly better.

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  1. Bluehost Hosting Experts

bluehost hosting

Although you can generally think of Bluehost only for beginners and enthusiasts, our Bluehost VPS review aims to showcase the brand’s superior services.

Bluehost has a solid reputation as a rock in the shared hosting space, but versatile hosts have grown to accommodate the needs of their clients as well as all servers from shared servers to virtual servers and more.

You have guaranteed server resources

With Bluehost, you have guaranteed server resources, and the hardware is powered by SSD storage and built by Best. This is a host that you can easily migrate to a dedicated or cloud-based server once you move from a shared server environment, and trust us when we tell you: less movement between hosts means Less headache for you!

Here, we note the scalability and reliability of Bluehost’s VPS offering. Talking about everything from server configurations to operating systems to managed services, we will help you determine if this industry-leading host veteran is best suited for your website scaling needs.

Bluehost is in many ways an excellent entry-level host. The company welcomes site owners for the first time into the world of web hosting with open arms and a feature-rich shared server hosting offering.

As your site evolves, Bluehost takes you into the realm of VPS or Dedicated Hosting. It is a complete host for every website hosting or scaling requirement.

wordpress hosting

Reviewing Bluehost’s virtual server plan, we found exactly what we expected from this legacy web host. Webhosting website Start small and add RAM powerfully, CPU cores, and disk space as you grow.

The pricing model is quite comparable to other popular hosts, and we appreciate that SSDs come standard and bandwidth is plentiful. The Addedaddons bonus, Bluehost VPS hosting plans come with 100% globally supports but more on reliability later.

Seeing that EIG party, amidst flying golf balls and free desserts, the Bluehost team wore their hard-earned badges, working hard with pride. They are a team of passionate host fans, and I am always eager to hear what they prepare next.

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  1. InMotion VPS Best Web Hosting

inmotion hosting

Since 2001, InMotion has developed a customer base of over 300,000 domains with two data centers in Los Angeles and Virginia Beach. (Fun fact: It turns out that they also have a web hosting hub, which is more geared for bloggers and beginners.)

As one of the oldest and most established names in the industry, they also claim to be number one in transfers, support, and warranties in the industry.

The things that come to light about InMotion Hosting are all different angles that they take in the web hosting industry.

Not only do they provide hosting, but they also have personalized offers for freelancers, agency owners, and resellers. Actually, no matter who you are and what you want to do with your hosting, InMotion Hosting will be something for you.

best vps hosting

They offer two types of VPS hosting: managed and unmanaged. Here, we will focus on managed settings, as most people probably choose.

According to our tests, the load time is very good, around 500 ms. However, the average uptime may be slightly better, currently 99.97%.

Their uptime and support were good. But in recent months, things have started turning slightly. Both speed and uptime delays have been disappointing, bringing our overall ranking to 22nd place.

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  1. DreamHost VPS Hosting

best vps hosting

The Dreamhost VPS hosting provider provides strong security features, but can only host Linux-based websites. It has unlimited data transfer and a money-back guarantee on the package plan. It also comes with a new simple website builder.

A great VPS hosting service with good prices. I have used this service for years and the only thing that has disappointed me is customer support.

Once I switched to VPS, I was very interested to see how the speed of my website would be affected. The performance was certainly better than the previous hosting solution, but what was more important was that it was much more consistent. I no longer noticed persistent problems with slow load times.

Ever since I moved to VPS, I set up several websites on the service and ran countless speed tests, and the results have always been very good. My most recent test compared the WordPress demo website on my Dreamhost VPS to the same site on WP Engine, and Dreamhost was the clear winner, even though it cost a lot less than WP Engine Hosting.

Therefore, the two biggest factors in choosing a good web server: speed and uptime were good, but what about support? Support is another important factor for most people when choosing a web server, and is also an area where Dreamhost is disappointing.

When upgrading for better performance of VPS in all other areas, support on both my old shared plan and my VPS plan was poor.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Dreamhost VPS solution for website owners of any size. Their smaller VPS plans would be great for starter sites, and their larger plans would be better for larger, resource-intensive websites. All their VPS plans are also suitable for hosting multiple websites.

best vps hosting

Virtual Private Servers

With a company involved in the innovation and development of virtual private servers and cloud hosting, here is our in-depth Dreamhost VPS review to help you determine if the company’s pricing, performance, and support systems are adequate. For their website.

Moving to VPS from its comfortable shared hosting environment can be a daunting task, as a person in their 20s or 30s is exploring the concept of leaving their parents’ homes. Although you are family-friendly, even though your parents do a lot of cleaning and maintenance, there is a lot of free space for your family, this arrangement is generally not sustainable in the long run. Similarly, moving a growing and profitable website to a new VPS hosting plan can be an important process, which needs to be time-bound and thorough.

I would love to see Dreamhost improve their customer service as this is really the only part of the service that has disappointed me. They have certainly greatly improved their overall solution over the years that I am with them and they are very committed to providing the best hosting to their army of customers, so hopefully, their technical support will continue to improve.

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Do I need VPS Hosting?

best vps hosting

If you are a beginner to WordPress and this is your first site, I would not bother with VPS hosting. However, if you are an advanced webmaster with a large site or a major website, this may be for you.

Read the pros and cons of VPS hosting here, or if you think you’re ready to take the plunge, read our guide to our best VPS hosting provider here.

Is VPS Hosting Better Than Shared Hosting?

If you have a small site, shared hosting is probably right for you, although if you have a large website or a major business website, perhaps you should consider VPS hosting. An easy way to think about this is that the more important your site becomes, the more you should consider VPS hosting.

What is a VPS Hosting?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a method of dividing a physical server into several virtual servers (virtual machines with server functions) so that everything works as if it is running on one machine.

Which VPS hosting is the best?

The 6 Best VPS Hosting Options to Consider:

  1. InMotion – Best overall VPS hosting provider.
  2. Bluehost – Most feature-rich VPS hosting service.
  3. DreamHost – Best for unlimited bandwidth.
  4. Liquid Web – Best for managed VPS hosting.
  5. HostGator – Most scalable VPS hosting service.
  6. A2 Hosting – Best for developers.

What are the benefits of VPS hosting?

Do you need VPS hosting?

  • Increased reliability. Shared hosting is similar to Domino’s stack. …
  • Dedicated resources. …
  • Capacity addition on green platforms. …
  • Good performance …
  • Scale resources instantly. …
  • Fully Managed Services. …
  • Save money and grow.

What is WordPress Hosting?

The idea of managed WordPress hosting is that the provider takes care of technical administration, namely keeping the site updated (themes, plugins, and cores), making daily backups or backups, and more. That’s why you focus on adding quality content, marketing, etc.

Another advantage is that hosting is optimized or specialized to run WordPress, so WordPress will run faster for example in shared hosting.

The downside is that this type of hosting costs more than shared hosting and the only thing you can have here is WordPress, so if in the future you change your mind and want to use Joomla or Drupal, You will need to rent another hosting package.

Top 6 Things to Consider When Looking for VPS Hosting

best vps hosting

The benefits of upgrades from shared web hosting to VPS hostings (virtual private server) have made it one of the most popular like hosting solutions for small and medium-sized businesses online.

However, VPS is not just a better version of shared hosting, in many ways, it is more like a dedicated server and means that looking for a VPS hosting solution means different things. Below we will explore some of the main criteria.

1) Managed Hostings

When you buy shared hosting, you are essentially renting space on a physical server along with many others.

Since no client has exclusive use of the server, the service provider takes care of its management on behalf of all. With VPS hosting, you are the sole user of that virtual server and this means that you are expected to manage it yourself, which can be a technical challenge.

However, if you opt for the VPS that comes with Managed Hosting, it means that your service provider will do the administrative work for you, which you were used to, or perhaps you did not even know that on your behalf Was performed; With your shared hosting account.

These include patching and updating your VPS software and operating system and ensuring that your server is protected. Additionally, your host can provide application performance consulting to help you get the most out of your server.

2) High-Performance Hardware

Switching to VPS can provide you with exceptional server performance, much better than standard shared hosting. However, you cannot get permission for this. To ensure the fastest and most reliable performance, ensure that the hardware used by your host is of the best quality.

Look out for the latest Intel Xeon processors, high-speed DDR4 memory, enterprise-class SSDs, and high-performance RAID controllers. SSD storage is much faster than mechanical HDD and will provide better performance for any of your applications.

3) Free setup

Setting up a VPS can be difficult for people with limited technical experience and takes some time to achieve. You can speed up deployment and avoid the inevitable headache by opting for a service provider who will configure your VPS for you. Some will also do this for free.

4) Unmanned Bandwidth

The speed, storage capacity, and performance of VPS make them a great choice for running large websites such as e-commerce sites, which is why many people choose them.

However, if your goal is to generate more traffic and handle more customer transactions, you will not only need a better server, but you will also need higher bandwidth. Observe that your VPS contract does not limit your bandwidth or charges you more if you exceed certain levels, as this may hinder the growth of your business.

For the best solution, look without bandwidth where there is no restriction of the data that can be sent and received by your server.

5) 24/7 technical support

Every business encounters problems with its IT from time to time, whether it is installing new applications, reconfiguring servers, or dealing with security warnings.

Whatever the problem, companies need a quick fix, especially with mission-critical applications where they cannot afford any downtime. For this reason, you need to make sure that your choice of VPS provider provides expert technical support 24 hours, 7 days a week.

That way, no matter what the problem is, regardless of the day or day of the week, there will be an experienced member of the technical team to help you solve it.

6) Control Panel

Having the right control panel can make it very easy to manage your server, your website, and any other applications running on your VPS.

The most useful and most powerful are web hosting and cPanel, both of which are industry leaders and you are maybe familiar with the shared hosting you can now use VPS hosting.

These control panels make it very easy to connect websites and mailboxes, configure your firewall, enforce security policies, and install applications. Look for a vendor who not only offers these dashboards but also has a trained technical team to support customers in their use.

What is VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

VPS or Virtual Private Server, in English, is a methodology for separating a physical server into several virtual servers, and the user’s eye functions as an independent server.

This is the second step or accordingly, I would recommend you go up. If you already have a WordPress or shared hosting and you are already running low in terms of resources, then be assured that if you do not know you’re I assure you that your provider will tell you how to monitor the performance of the website.

An important detail is that recently providers have included managed and unmanaged VPS packages, causing a major change in prices as the first can be purchased for less than $ 20.00 per month and the second for $5.00 per month.

The difference between managed and unmanaged is that the former provides you with a cPanel, WHM, etc. And support, second support is very limited and they do not provide you with graphic administration tools, only connect via SSL, however here you can install everything as per your requirement.

Some go further like Godaddy, it is unmanaged, managed, and fully managed plans, the difference between the second and third is that the second does not include support for VPS and the third does, although it is only in English and It is too expensive.

Final Word

The Top 6 Best VPS Hosting Reviews in 2020: VPS hosting provides significant improvements for businesses over shared hosting, offering more storage, faster performance, and higher computing resources.

With the advancement of technology, especially the cloud, all businesses will want to run their services on affordable but reliable servers around the world. We hope the above list will help you find the one you need.

Thanks For Reading.