Cloudways Hosting Review

You might not have heard about Best Cloud Hosting Providers Cloudways Hosting, because it’s not a so well-known hosting company for many people. However, Cloudways is a hosting company which is located in Malta and serves as the best cloud service provider company. Their data centers are located all around the world, and most users don’t know that this company guarantees quality and top speed for your website.

CloudWays is best due to its stability, reliability, and overall consistency of all the hosting services they offer. This company charges a minimal amount just $2-$3 more, but they really have made clouding problems solved.

 Best Cloud Hosting Providers

However, if you want to learn more about Cloudways, and to know why it’s good to invest in the plans, then have a look at the pros and cons of it to get an idea.

Pros of Best Cloud Hosting Providers Cloudways Hosting Services

  • Performance and Uptime (99.99%):

Cloudways is known for its superb performance and Uptime of 99.99% which is by far the same as other companies are offering with a high speed of 400 to 600ms; which is exceptional. Their loading times are approx. 40-50% better than you can get from a regular hosting service. So yes a thumbs up for their performance and time.

  • Daily Backups and One-Click Recovery:

The company greatly understands the hassle of website recovery in unwanted situations, and that’s why offers the advanced feature of daily backup and recovery for your website. Now you can get daily backups because everything is automatic. So yes, it’s a pretty much good option. Recovery is just a single click away!

  • Free site migrations:

Now you can migrate your site from your existing host server to the Cloudways it’s totally free. This is a big perk for the users because, of the same service, BlueHost demands $150, which is a lot more!

 Best Cloud Hosting Providers

  • Great Customer Support:

You can enjoy great customer support because they know their responsibilities and thus offer you the ultimate customer support. Whether you contact them by opening a ticket or live chat, you every time get customized support. They are 24/7 available to serve you with the best. The team is quite knowledgeable and knows how to satisfy the customers. So from basic to advanced level questions, you can ask everything.

  • Pricing:

The most interesting thing about Cloudways is pricing. Cloudways comes with several managed-to-host plans that may work for everybody no matter website size, complexity, or budget. They have 5 different plans to choose from and remember you will pay for what you need.

For example, the most popular plan on Digital Ocean features 1GB Ram, 1Core Processor, 2TB Bandwidth, and 30GB storage for the price of $15 /mo. However, some go for the other higher-level plans with servers. The cost gets increased with every advanced plan. The best thing is all the plans come with a high-speed SDD server, firewall, free migration, and unlimited website.

  • Managed Security:

Taking a hands-on approach to your website security, you can rely on your sensitive data to Cloudways. Yes, a big thanks to their exceptional built-in security features:

  • OS-level firewalls protecting all servers
  • Two-factor authentication for your Cloudways account
  • Routine patches and firmware upgrades
  • IP whitelisting capability
  • 1-click free SSL certificate install

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Website Monitoring:

Now you can enjoy around-the-clock best monitoring of your site. Yes, just be sure you know everything is on track at all times. The server your data is stored on is monitored 24/7, so don’t worry.

Cons of Best Cloud Hosting Providers Cloudways Hosting Services

Cloudways is, no doubt an extremely exceptional, reliable, and highly recommended hosting solution. But they have some flaws as well, which are:

  • No Domain Name Registration

Yes, Cloudways doesn’t provide customers domain name registration, for free or for a charge. However, which means before you sign up to use their hosting services, the user needs to secure a domain name through a third-party seller.

  • No Mail hosting:

Cloudways hosting plans do not come with integrated email accounts, like many other reputed service provider companies.

  • No cPanel:

They don’t offer cPanel, but instead, this is a platform-as-a-service, which means they manage apps on their cloud servers.

 Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Recommended or not?

Yes, we do recommend it because it provides you 3 days of free trial opportunity which allows you to check their features and step back anytime if you are not satisfied. Moreover, with Cloudways, you pay only for what you get and can be held back anytime by paying for what you have used just. No extra charges.