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When it comes to hostinger web hosting services, reliability and originality of said promises are the only ways to present its performance. Hostinger web hosting is a well-known European hosting company that is mainly appreciated for its amazingly free services. But, the question comes, is it all free? And with the zero-cost services do they maintain a credible quality also?

A decade of progressive performance of Hostinger is strong evidence to advocate its trustworthiness with the said promises. However, we have listed the best illustration of Hostinger’s performance, obtained from its practical performance as experienced with users’ satisfaction and technical efficiency of Hostinger’s hosting services.

Yes, Hostinger is one of the cheapest hosting providers which provides services for $0.80/month on choosing the longest subscription of 48 months.

Pros of Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger web hosting with strong uptimes, speedy performance, and reliable customer support is one of the best hosting service providers. We have listed the efficiencies of these services concerning their practical performance:

  • True 99% Uptime:

Uptime is the most important feature of reliable hosting services. Hostinger web hosting offers 99% uptime with complete satisfaction. User’s experience with Hostinger’s hosting has approved its promised uptime to be true as said with their claims. Apart from a few exceptions, the overall performance of this European hosting uptime is appreciated.

  • Excellent Speedy Load Time:

Hostinger offers up to 369 ms load time, which is amazingly praiseworthy. The fast and quick performance of hosting services makes life easier on the user’s end. People readily get frustrated with the slow-loading website. However, a website that loads within seconds makes people happy to use it with ease. In this, Hostinger’s web hosting performance is admirable because of its fast loading time. With this speedy load time, the website pages load within the count of 3 and leave the user with a satisfactory experience. Hostinger holds a noteworthy performance of fast load times as compared to other hosting services in the industry.

  • 30-Days Refund Policy:

Transparency of policy portrays the trust ratio of company services. The same is with the hosting service providers, Hostinger with its 30 days transparent refund policy makes it trustable by users. Along with this transparency, they also offer multiple payment options, which makes the users’ life easy, and they feel no restriction in transferring payment as happens with limited ways of payment. However, this refund policy is not allowed for all the products of Hostinger; a few exceptional products are not refundable, which are listed in the cons section.

  • Satisfactory & Multi-Language Customer Support:

Hostinger will not let you feel this tiresome problem, because they have an all-time active and readily available customer support. Plus they are very friendly and courteous to solve your issues. Along with their friendly assistance they offer multi-language support, so it doesn’t matter if you belong to a specific region, they will guide you in your own language. They offer live chat, which immediately connects you to understand and solve your problems.

  • Customizable Solutions:

While you purchase a domain and hosting plan from Hostinger web hosting, they offer you free website-building opportunities, where they offer hundreds of customizable templates for the development of an awesome website. It is all customizable at Hostinger’s free website-building services;

  • Zero Complexity Usage:

The easier it gets, the more people prefer to use it. Hostinger web hosting follows an easy life-making policy, with which they omit the complexities of technology, and make their cPanel in the most appropriate way to suit with user’s satisfaction. Hostinger doesn’t include the traditional complex structure of cPanel, but it is rather user-friendly and easily understandable even to people with minimal technical knowledge.

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Cons of Hostinger Web Hosting

With so many exciting features of Hostinger, there are a few things that are not exactly very favorable.

  • Restricted support:

Your personal Hostinger web hosting account is required to access the live chat of customer support. So, if you are not a Hostinger user, then, unfortunately, you are unable to answer your queries with their live chat customer support.

  • Additional pay for new domain:

Exceptional refund policy and additional pay for new domain purchases are some unfavorable parts of Hostinger’s hosting services.

Recommended or not?

However, Hostinger web hosting with a few exceptions of favorability makes it the best hosting service provider, and we recommend if you agree to compensate with a few drawbacks, there is a lot to make you happy.