Hostgator Review

HostGator Clouding is the most reliable hosting you ever have used. Millions of users used this clouding for their sites. The advancement in the upgraded version makes it more powerful to boost the functionality of your website.

Powerful Website Hosting Services

HostGator Cloud facilitates its users by providing unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and storage space. Their provided bundles empower your websites to run faster and more securely than ever before. The best advantage on top of that if you want to transfer your website from another host, then it provides free site migration without any hassle. Basically, HostGator is an upgraded version of the shared hosting option. According to an estimation, the hosting should be faster and more scalable than their general hosting.


Web hosting made EASY and AFFORDABLE.

HostGator clouding wraps up in a 16-month performance that has provided 100% uptime in the past five months. Clouding never compromises the speed; it provides at least 432ms page loading time which is almost equal to the average speed.

The HostGator cloud is the best option to be reviewed because of friendly customer support as well as free migration from another host. Clouding provides boxes of pros, but you know that pros are committed with some cons. So, let us discuss the pros and cons one by one from a different point of view.

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Cons of HostGator Cloud Services

The servers of the HostGator cloud are packed with extra hidden features that you can’t get from other competitors. Moreover, they provide you discount offers to facilitate you to get more features.

In the below section, some highlights of the pros are available:

  • Very Strong uptime of 99.98%

HostGator Cloud has been providing uptime by an average of 99.98% in the past 16 months. It is just because of 100% scores of five successive months across the board. Only two months drop down to 99.89% during the whole time. The good news for you is that if your average uptime goes below 99.9%, you will definitely get the payment credit for the whole month.

  • Top Loading Speed (432ms):

HostGator claims to offer a top speed up to 2x faster loader times, due to the addition of extra features like low-density servers, multiple caching layers, and of course premium hardware.

HostGator Cloud’s 16-month average of 432ms is quite enough to list it of the top five biggest and fastest web hosts for sure.

  • Exclusive Price Discounts:

Do you know HostGator is providing insane discounts on HostGator Cloud services? Yes, in the starting company was advertising a cloud option starting at $4.95/month and then suddenly increasing it to $9.95/month, which has become a big reason for users to use a shared hosting plan. But recently HostGator has introduced a much better price discount; now you can enjoy Cloud services at $2.99/month, which, however, applies for one, three, or maximum six-month plans. Once you are done with the initial term, the renewal rate will be $8.95 on the lowest plan.

  • Extremely User-Friendly Hosting:

The best thing about HostGator hosting services is they offer extremely good and user-friendly services in terms of bandwidth and storage. Yes, for every Cloud Plan, there’s an ‘unmetered’ option, which means it never matters how many sites you have, they will grow and grow. You will not be penalized for extra resources.


  • Free-extras for all: Monitoring, Site Migrations, and much more:

HostGator Cloud is fast because they’re not relying on your basic servers.

HostGator ranks among the top hosting companies because of its seamless backup capacity with integrated cloud resource management, caching, and brilliant data mirroring. In simple words, HostGator doesn’t rely on the basic servers to maintain the load and number of requests. Instead, they have big servers that work 24/7 to reduce load and manage resource allocation.

When you sign up for HostGator Cloud Plan, you get cPanel access in each plan, with new email accounts, plus cPanel migration from the current web host.

But if you want to move more than one site, then they cost a very little cost estimated at ~$25/site, it depends on the number and size of files to be transferred.

  • Good Customer Support:

HostGator provides customers with 24/7 live chat support. They have tons of video tutorials for customers.


Cons of HostGator Services

  • Introductory price tricks and high renewal rates:

The only drawback of HostGator plans they offer you very less introductory prices for starter plans, which, however, don’t offer you as much as you want. The catch here is for continuing your plan you have to repay for at least 1 to 3 years to get the benefit.

Let’s take an example, HostGator Cloud costs $4.95/mo for 36 months, which on discount rates would be $2.99/mo but for a shorter term.  But the real 1-month price is $12.95/month.

Recommended or Not?

Well, yes, we recommend you go for it. The reason is inexpensive and offers user-friendly plans as compared to other companies, with unbeatable page loading performance and solid customer support.