Inmotion Hosting Review

Powerful new VPS hosting service – Inmotion Hosting Review

inmotion web hosting started in 2001, has established an excellent performance in its beginning times. This has given them well-renowned recognition. Yet the question is, despite their worldwide popularity do they still commit quality performance? Or just like a shaky bubble, they own a false reputation? What is the truth about their performance in the practical world and in the present time? We have answered all your worries with satisfaction. Here we have gathered the real-time data of Inmotion performance to identify what is truly original. So, let’s elaborate on the hosting services of Inmotion in detail:

inmotion web hosting

Pros of InMotion Hosting services

Inmotion offers string uptime, loading speed, and customer support, with some added features to give a happy hosting time.

  • True 99.95% Uptime:

High-powered loading speed, more than 99% uptime, and efficient package plans are the best parts of Inmotion hosting services. With maintaining their consistency, they show up to 99.95% uptime, which is greatly considerable. Uptime is an important part of hosting services to showcase a reliable picture. For this, Inmotion deserves true praise, as they are working hard to maintain this reliability by improving their uptime consistently. So, with 99.95% uptime, Inmotion is great to monitor and manage your website hosting.

  • Speedy Server Performance:

InMotion loading speed is noted to be more than average, which is far good as compared to many hosting service providers, but not as efficient as the best hosting providers do. Website loading plays a worthwhile role to make its ranking favorable according to the user’s happiness. However, the speed is still considerable, and will not let the page stuck while loading. A fact is that most people quickly quit a website that takes a few seconds of additional loading time. To overcome this issue, fast loading is essential so that your website displays immediately and the user doesn’t leave it without achieving his/her purpose of visiting. They offer 885ms loading, which is not highly competitive but yes, exceedingly considerable concerning those who offer 890ms loading speed or can say it is bearable and acceptable.

inmotion web hosting

  • Satisfactory Customer support:

Customer support is the key factor for listing a company’s progressive performance. Despite the technical proficiency of a inmotion web hosting provider, poor customer support can drastically fall down the performance rate of web hosting services. It is also an essential part to progress a hosting company with happy comments. For this, Inmotion is great, as they provide commendable support to their customers by guiding them in a friendly manner. They take minutes to come back and respond to you with helpful answers. So this minute-taking assistance is appreciated, and it makes them the best ones when it comes to customer support comparisons.

  • 3-Months Refund Policy:

InMotion shows admirable transparency of services with their 3 months refund policy. They don’t keep hidden policies; they are all true to their said promises, so they confidently offer 90 days refund. You get enough time to track and monitor the performance, and if you find something unfavorable, you have all right to get back your money. However, this takes a few exceptions, for shared hosting where they offer only 30 months refund policy.


  • Apps Integration:

They allow great support to open-source platform integration. Everything best like management systems of WordPress, Drupal, eCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, and other efficiently managed systems, are offered with InMotion app integration services.

  • Premium Sucuri Plugin & Security Risks Protection:

Additionally, InMotion offers a Sucuri security plugin with WordPress hosting to keep a regular check on your site performance for monitoring security risks and avoiding them to damage your site. Also, they offer a super secure, smart wall Threat Defense System (TDS) to block DDOS attacks and other security issues.

  • Free Site Transfer & Backups:

Inmotion offers no charges for site transfer and migration, with free data backup services, and e-commerce support. They also provide easy integration of helpful apps to let your e-commerce management works fine with efficient performance.


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Cons of inmotion web hosting Services

  • With all the reliable services of InMotion, there are a few exceptions that are a potential downfall of InMotion’s current performance:
  • They offer advertised pricing with a restricted 2 years signup policy. Also, there is an option for a 1-year policy, but it adds increased cost.
  • InMotion follows a time-taking verification policy, which is a tiresome issue. Also, they have limitations to some plans, which require you to pay an additional cost if you want to add those limited features.

Recommended or not?

Now, the question is if you should use Inmotion web hosting services or not. The answer is yes, but the few months’ performance of Inmotion is very worrying about the user’s bad experiences. So, you can take a risk if you admire and trust their policies.