How to Do Keyword Research for Blog Posts in 2020 (Ranking 7 Days)

How to Do Keyword Research for Blog Posts in 2020: Keyword Research is the most important website rank 50% growth in SEO. This helps increase traffic to your website. Especially because your blog is completely new.

Every blogger wants to increase organic traffic (search engine traffic) on his blog, but most of them don’t know how? If it is a new blogger.

When I started my blog too, I didn’t know about keyword research and I was writing blog posts without doing keyword research. As a result, my blog did not receive much traffic.

How to Do Keyword Research for Blog Posts

Today in this article, I’ll tell you how to do keyword research so your blog can rank well in SERPs.
Let’s start …

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing the actual search terms that people have entered into a search engine. These real search terms will help you access content strategies and insight to suggest you’re a great marketing strategy.

A keyword definition is an important word or term used to search for information. When you search for resume examples and type “resume examples” into Google, the words “resume examples” are keyword examples.

In my opinion, it is better to do it with a word paid website! This is a process where we have to find out which keywords people are searching for most? What is the search volume (competition site) for that keyword?

KeyWORD research results increase the chances of getting rankings in keywords. If you are looking for keywords before writing a post. You can get a good place in Google search results and easily get all the traffic from your blog search engines.

Enter your site ex: “” and the site you want to analyze, select the keyword category, and retrieve your keyword some list. You can enter a specific word and get rankings by word of mouth and top-ranked pages against your competitors.

I have explained here some types of keywords now check and try you:

  • Headline keywords – These keyword single words like Ex: Song, Music, Movies, WordPress, SEO, etc. These types of keywords are heavily searched. Also, competition is very high for these programs and does not produce better results.
  • Body keywords – these words consist of two words such as WordPress guide, SEO lessons, etc. Monthly searches are high and competition is medium.
  • Long Tail Keywords – These keywords include more than 3 or 4 words like the full Seo for WordPress step-by-step guide etc. They are very targeted and help get targeted traffic to your site. The keywords search volume is very low find and there is not much competition (result low) for them.
If your blog is new, I recommend using long-tail keywords. These keywords help your blog grow quickly and rank better in SERPs.

Even when you do some research on search engines. The whole question should be written down and searched. Because you will get accurate results.

Why keyword research Very important?

Why keyword research Very important?

The answer will be yes,

If you want to drive more traffic to your blog and want quick blogging success, Keyword Research is your first step.

This is most important because there is a lot of competition for keywords in almost every online business.

Let’s say you’re thinking of writing an article titled “How to do keyword research,” so let’s now do a Google search once, and Google will show you about 3,51,000 search results. As you can see keyword research (how to) screenshot.

Why keyword research Very important?

Therefore, if you do not perform Keyword Research before writing your content, Google will not rank your content and your content will not be visible on the first page of Google. Regardless of how much good content you write.

How to Do Keyword Research for Blog

How to Do Keyword Research for Blog

Here I will tell you a step-by-step guide on how to do keyword SEO.

When you have a lot of keywords, you now need to choose the best keyword for your content. But how to know which keywords will best lead to your content.

However, there is no tool on the market that tells you – this is the best keyword among your keywords. While choosing a Keyword, you have to take care of many things that I’ll tell you here.

  • Search Volume – This is a must. The more people search for a keyword, the more traffic you can get.
  • Long Tail Keywords – if your site is brand new. Or if you want to target the keywords in which the competition is very low, long-tail keywords may be very useful to you.
  • Competition – Always select a low-competitive keyword for your content. This increases the likelihood that your content will appear on the first page of Google.
  • Related Keywords – Use related keywords to optimize your content. This helps Google better understand the content.

9 Best Tools for Doing Keyword Research FREE & PAID

Best Tools for Doing Keyword Research FREE & PAID

There are many keyword search tools available on the market that can help you find good keywords. Below is their list below.

1. Answer the Public – It suggests searching for the keywords provided by Google and Bing and offers a unique offer. With this tool, you can easily find long-tail keywords. It also displays relevant keywords for the keywords you are looking for.

2. Google Autocomplete Tools – This allows you to find short-tail and long-tail keywords for any website niche. Here, you should write your own keyword. This will show you a list of long-tail keywords. Just pick the best long-tail keywords.

3. Google Auto Suggest – Enter your keyword into Google search, and it will begin showing the keyword’s keyword search. As you can see (google automatic suggest) in the image below. You can now find the best keyword for free and use your website.

Google Auto-Suggest

4. Google Keyword Planner – Google Keyword Planner is the best free keyword search tool developed by Google. With the help of this, you can easily find any type of keyword whether it is a long-tail keyword or whatever.

With the Google Keyword Planning tool, you can learn about keyword competition, monthly searches, CPC, and many more.

5. Soovle – This is also a very popular tool that helps find long-tail keywords.

keyword search

6. Google Related keyword search – If you are looking for a free long tail keyword tool, this trick may also be useful for you.

How to Do Keyword Research for Blog posts? When you search for anything on Google, after the search results, you see some of the keywords below which are long-tail keywords. You can use these long-tail keywords in your article.

Google related keywords search

7. Ubersuggest – Developed by Neil Patel, it is a very good and popular keyword suggestion tool. With the help of this tool, you can easily get good, long-tail keywords for your blog posts and are also easy to use.

8. SEMrush – This is one of my favorite tools that help you do keyword research as well as monitor your competition. But its free version comes very limitedly. Premier Edition starts at $ 99.95 monthly.

9. Ahrefs – Ahrefs is a premium keyword research tool that helps find good keywords for your website and monitors the competitor.

What are the benefits of keyword research?

Best Tools for Doing Keyword Research FREE & PAID

Keyword research has many benefits. This is very important to increase blogging traffic and get a good search engine ranking.

Keyword research helps your blog gain popularity quickly.

  • If you wrote your article in search of keywords, you can connect the target audience with your site.
  • This helps increase your website ranking and traffic.
  • Important research gives you the idea of writing content for your blog.
  • Show search level for match words.

I want to let you know again if your blog or website is a new brand, instead of using short tail keywords, use long-tail keywords. This will help your blog grow fast.

Also, pay attention to the cost-per-click (CPC) at the time you search for the keywords. If you use very low CPC keywords, Earning from Adsense will not be good.

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