Top 39+ Questions and Answers about Google Adsense & Blogging Idea

Today I will share with you the top 39+ questions and answers about Google Adsense & Blogging Ideas.

So friends let’s get started. and see all queations:

Many of us run websites, many of us are coming because of the growing interest in running a website. We have a lot of questions to start a blogging career.

1. Which is actually better to choose for lifetime blogging? (niche blog or broad blog)

Answer: I think a professional blogger should start with any niche topic at the beginning. The arguments behind my words are:

  1. It is much easier to SEO a niche topic than a broad topic.
  2. If you work with niche topics, you will get the desired CPC from your AdSense, but not the broad topic.
  3. We have to face many problems while writing on different topics. It turns out that my site is a broad topic but I don’t have much keyword content or regular content. But, your keyword is almost the same in niche topics. In that case, new content is being added by using all the keywords.
  4. The content of the niche website can be easily ranked. SERP results are always in a good position. As a blogger, my recommendation is to work on niche topics. However, if you still have time to work on your niche topic, you can work on a broad topic. But if you say niche or broad, who would you recommend?
  5. Then I will recommend the niche blog. (A blog written on any one topic is called a niche blog and if a blog is written on all topics, we call it a Broad Blog. For example, is a Broad Blog.)

2. The future of content-based blogging is not good, apps download The future of national blogging is good for a professional blogger?

Answer: It is a fact that the future of content-based blogging is the best. And the topics you are talking about (Apps Download), it will be a problem in AdSense. You may be able to use AdSense for a while at the beginning of the blog, but with the popularity of the site, Google will ban your AdSense.

Everyone knows that Google does not give them ads on copyrighted content or anything else. And in case of downloading apps, you will also face copyright issues.

So, do my recommended content based blogging. If you want to blog about apps.

Then change the keywords. You can create a content-based blog by targeting this type of keywords like App Review, App News, App Tips. By the way, apps review is but a nice keyword. Then running our topic Top 39+ Questions and Answers about Google Adsense & Blogging Idea.

3. What is the minimum search volume for AdSense keywords?

What is the minimum search volume for AdSense keywords?
Keyword Ideas

Answer: There is no limit. You can take as many keywords as you want from the search volume. However, you will choose the keywords by looking at the competition and CPC.

4. Which topics should I ignore and which topics should I start with (even if it is a category)?

Answer: If your target is AdSense, then it is better not to work with copyrighted content (such as Songs Download, Software Free Download, Movie Free Download, etc) and Ignore Adult completely.

My Recommendations for Topic Choice Technology, Education, Health, Tips & Tricks, Tutorial, etc

5. Is there a problem with starting with in the beginning?

Answer: No. No problem. However, my recommendation is WordPress. This will make your SEO much easier and ranking up quickly.

6. Will I continue to post along with the target keyword or related long-tail keyword?

Answer: You must post on the main keyword. Also, post with Relevant Keyword. Yes, Relevant will always post with long-tail keywords. However, you must pay attention to the keyword density.

That should not be too much. Try to keep it between 2-3. You will find many tools online to check Keyword Density.

7. Which methods do not work for SEO now? CORE What are the things I will do for ranking?

Answer: There is some controversy about this. But the things that everyone agrees on are: link building doesn’t work like it used to. Unless it is a niche-related natural backlink. Again, blog commenting doesn’t work unless it’s niche-related.

Also, directory submissions do not work as before. But now we have to focus on social media. And you can do link wheel and link pyramid, but you have to be niche related. (Like many people, the link wheel and the pyramid don’t work very well now, but they do and do give me a lot of work.) .

8. Which is the best way to get a content idea?

Answer: Google AdWords. You will also get keyword ideas, as well as content ideas. Also, visit popular blogs regularly to see what kind of content people are most interested in. Thanks. Happy blogging.

9. I applied for YouTube AdSense with a US address that belongs to my cousin. However, I cannot change the country after approval. If I send an AdSense letter to that address, I will be able to verify the address. But when I add the payment method, how do I add the bank in India or Bangladesh?

Answer: If you receive a verification letter from your US address, you can easily verify the account by knowing the code from there.

And if you have 100 in the account, you can add the bank address in the payment method. (Adsense account> Payment Setting >> Add a New Payment Method)

10. If I blog for 1 post out of 100 words, can there be any problem in putting ads there? How many posts are good and how many words will be standard?

Answer: Of course there will be a problem, the account will be banned. 550+ words and 30-40 posts. Also, keep the site updated from time to time. I mean, do post.

11. If the click rate increases, can the account be banned?

Answer: It is better to stay below CTR 10. 10-15 in case of YouTube

12. If there is a Hindi or Bengali/English video on the same channel, can there be a problem?

Answer: No, no problem. now your any answer check our Top 39+ Questions and Answers about Google Adsense & Blogging Idea for help you.

13. I got Google AdSense through YouTube. Can I add a Hindi or Bengali website to any site with this account or if I give an ad code, my account will be blocked?

Answer: No. Not only Bengali but also English cannot be shown on any website. The AdSense accounts found through YouTube have basically Hosted Adsense Accounts.

You can use the ad of this account on a large number of bloggers (not in the Custom Domain).

14. I run a free blog domain and a purchased domain from the same PC. And if any of these are banned, will all the things I have added with AdSense be banned? How many sites can send Adsense requests from one PC?

Answer: No. If Google bans the site then all other sites except that site will be fine. That means you can use the new AdSense ad.

Google is allowing you to use an AdSense ad code on 100 sites. So why do you need multiple AdSense accounts with so much risk?

Google is very smart, but it will assume that you are using multiple AdSense. You will see later that all the cuts will be banned.

15. I have two AdSense accounts on one PC, the 1st of which means I will take the main AdSense to another PC. And the 2nd account will be on this PC. In this case, if for some reason my 2nd Adsense account is canceled, then my 1st means the main Adsense account will have a problem?

Answer: Since you have two accounts, it means you are already at risk. However, if one of your accounts is banned, the second account will not be affected.

However, if Google bans multiple account usage, it will be banned.

16. I apply for AdSense with 25 posts on my health blog site and the site goes to review. What should I do in this case?

Answer: Increase content and visitors. Then apply. Google will tell you what to do. If the account is approved, you will put the ad code on the site and if it is not approved, you will solve the problem and apply again.

16. Each content in my blog is unique and 2000+ words. How many posts like this would be better to apply for Adsense then?

Answer: You can apply for AdSense only if the content is unique and the visitors are 500+. If the content is 30/40 hours before my recommendation, pay attention to bringing visitors to the blog. Apply for AdSense later. Happy blogging.

17. How can I send a verification code to my address? How do I transfer the balance from YouTube to the AdSense account?

Answer: It will be sent from the AdSense account when the balance is above 10. And you don’t have to transfer the balance. There is Google for this. Watch this tutorial to see daily income.

18. What is the difference between Total Earnings and Estimate Earnings in AdSense?

Answer: The difference is not much. Estimated earnings may be a little less than the total earning. The reason is that many times fake clicks, or even extra clicks, some dollars are credited to the account.

Google will review the full month’s earnings and set the final earnings that will be sent to you. That is Total Earning.

19. If 80% of my site visitors come from Facebook and I use AdSense on that site, will the account be disabled?

Answer: No. There will be no problem.

20. Many established bloggers forbid sharing Adsense links, why?

Answer: The reason is actually some jealous bloggers in our country (not all) and mangoes are public. Because most people can’t see anyone well.

If you regularly show the income of your blog and name your site, then a group of jealous people will go to your blog and start to click spamming.

As a result, Google will ban your account. It also creates other problems, including copying content, creating seme blogs with ideas. What’s more, every pro-blogger is more or less at risk of losing their blogs and income.

So, we have a little bit of privacy about blog addresses and income. It’s for safety. Happy blogging. Sor our topic now fully read Top 39+ Questions and Answers about Google Adsense & Blogging Idea.

21. How to do Domain Parking SEO?


Answer: On-page optimization before Domain Parking and Off-Page Optimization after Domain Parking.

22. Can affiliation and Adsense be done with the same blog?

Answer: Yes, you can use AdSense and Affiliate together. See this part of Google in this regard “We do allow affiliate or limited-text links.” However, the following issues must be complied with: 1. Use affiliate links as little as possible.

Excessive use of affiliate ads can put your AdSense at risk.2. In case of using an affiliate link, you must make the link No-Follow.

If you maintain and use AdSense and affiliate, I hope there will be no problem. Thanks and happy blogging.

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23. If the link is shared on social media to increase the authority of the site if the traffic direct comes from there and sees and clicks the ad, will it cause trouble in AdSense?

Answer: No, there will be no problem.

24. Google pays more attention to organic traffic in the case of AdSense, but if traffic comes to the site from a backlink and clicks on the ad, could that be the reason for the account being banned?

Answer: There will be no problem. Although not from an adult site. The best Top 39+ Questions and Answers about Google Adsense & Blogging Idea now help you.

25. If an AdSense code is inserted on a site, can another AdSense account code be inserted on that site later?

Answer: Yes. But before that, you have to remove all the ad codes from the previous account.

26. How many pages of the site are indexed to apply for AdSense?

Answer: Write 30-40 hours of content and do SEO of all of them. (Including index, social shares, etc.)

27. How many visitors per day does AdSense approve?

Answer: Answer 2. Site visitors can apply only if 500/1000. However, the more visitors and the better the quality of the content, the easier it will be to get your account.

28. Many people see that some third-party companies like hub page approve Adsense with these. Is this a full approval account? Or share revenue with them.

Answer: Revenue is to be shared and it is a Hosted Account.

29. Where can I learn YouTube AdSense from beginning to end? If you have any text in Bengali or English, please provide the link.

Answer: You can learn from this link: 

Best Top 39+ Questions and Answers now experts shared Google Adsense & Blogging Idea for your business helped.

30. How is AdSense Earnings Calculated?

Answer: CPC * Click = Revenue (Ex: 0.10 (CPC) * 50 (Click) = 5 $ (Revenue)

31. Does Google Adsense only capture clicks of expected traffic from search engines? What if the traffic goes to social media or any other way? The reason for asking this question is, I have heard that a user who searches for a word in a search engine gets a click on the word that gets my site, so did I hear it wrong? I want the matter to be clear.

Answer: You heard wrong. Visitors can come from anywhere. It will not have any effect on showing or clicking on your ads. However, if the visitor is referred from the adult site, then there will be a problem with AdSense.

Send This mail your Email address “Top 39+ Questions and Answers about Google Adsense & Blogging Idea” For you can help me.

32. If you click on the traffic from social media, then how do I know which word is catching the click? Or will they hold for any keyword?

Answer: It can be the keyword of the content of your site, it can also be the keyword taken from the visitor’s search query. I will discuss this in detail in a group later, inshallah.

33. I have a hosted account. 1. What kind of blog can I use for the ad? What is the minimum number of site visitors that can be used? I have a blog with 200 visitors/day. I was off to start posting again. If you put ads anywhere on the site, you will get good results.


Answer 1. You can use it on any blog except for topics that Adults and Google do not support. If it is a Fully Approved Adsense Account. Hosted accounts can only be used on Blogger and YouTube.

Answer 2. Since you have an account, you can use the code no matter where the visitors are. No problem.

Answer 3. It is better to use 336 * 280 ads at the beginning of the content, 300 * 250 at the end of the content, and 728 * 90 at the top or 300 * 250 ads in the sidebar. (Personal experience)

34. How do I get a Google Adsense account? Top 39+ Questions and Answers about Google Adsense & Blogging Idea

Answer: First choose the keywords for blogging, open the blog, write the content, do the SEO of the blog, bring visitors to the site.

If you can do all these things in the right way, then apply to AdSense. Only then will you get it.

35. I want to work with the audience. How to do it better? How can this be done? Can a brand new website be parked at Sido? And will pay domain hosting be better for Adsense?

Answer: First choose the keywords for blogging, open the blog, write the content, do the SEO of the blog, bring visitors to the site. If you can do all these things in the right way, then apply to AdSense.
New Domain Parking.

But don’t get too much revenue. It is better to do on-page SEO and off-page SEO of the domain first. Then do domain parking and do regular off-page SEO.

Yes, of course. For AdSense, it is better to start with Paid Domain & Hosting with WordPress. However, you can use Blogger as Learning.

36. How do I know if my google AdSense account is hosted or not hosted?

Answer: In the case of Hosted Accounts, the AdSense account will have Hosted Account written in red letters at the top right. And if there is no such writing then you will understand that it is a fully approved account.

37. Is it possible for a person to have more than one Adsense account? If possible in what way. Should there be more than one bank account? Please discuss the conditions behind it.

Answer: If you want to start anew, I would say avoid this. Because, if you have multiple AdSense, Google can ban all accounts. And it is also harmful to newcomers.

38. Question about CPC: Sometimes it is seen that it is much more in 1 click and sometimes it is much less. As far as I know, it’s because of the country.

More is available at US visitor clicks.

1) Does anything depend on the ad placement? For example: Is the rate the same in Eve The Fold and the same in other places?

2) Does the click rate depend on the ad size? For example, the Image ad is the same, and the text link is the same?

3) Is there any dependence on click rate with search result ranking?

For example: Searching with keywords, the site of the 1st result in the ranking will get the maximum click rate of that keyword or something like that?


Answer 1. Yes, the country is a big factor. Also, the CPC is good most of the time in the ads unit at the top. Again, your keywords matter.

Answer 2. Yes, for example, 300 * 250 ad units often have better CPCs than 300 * 600, and 728 * 90 CPCs are better than Link Units.

Answer 3. No. There is no such thing.

However, the whole point of CPC depends on the main keywords of your site and the country of the visitor. So, you should think more about keywords than about the AdS unit.

39. Image ad’s CTR (Click through Rate) is not more than a text ad? Which ad is more popular and more clickable?

Answer: You select both text and image options. Or one-week Text Ads another week Image Ads to see which works more. It also often depends on the blog design/content etc.

We discuss “Top 39+ Questions and Answers about Google Adsense & Blogging Idea” for newbie right now and this idea applies to your website. 

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