10 Best E-Mail Marketing Software

10 Best E-Mail Marketing Software



Digital Marketing is nowadays the main source of income for most of the people in the world, especially students. But there are many aspects of Digital Marketing and one of the most prominent and the most chosen profession under this is E-Mail Marketing. E-Marketing is a dream come true for all those who really want to sell or promote their brand online not by advertising them house to house or giving the crowd posters which they may throw away, no. With the help of E-Mail Marketing, you can reach tens of thousands of customers just by a click. And your work becomes easier after you have used one of the 10 best e-mail marketing software.


10 Best E-Mail Marketing Software:

So as I was saying that your work will be not easier but the easiest when you have one of the 10 best e-mail marketing software. This software can be found in millions and hence there is a risk that most of them can be fake or may have some viruses. Hence, all the software below has been placed after lots of research and selection and I am sure you shall never be disappointed after you have used the software. So let us just get started.


  1. Mail Get Bolt:

This one is the best email marketing software. This is because not only this software is easy to use but they are efficient as well. No hosting, no complicated startup required, just start sending your e-mails to millions as soon as possible. List management, subscriber segmentation, mobile-friendly email designs and many more are available in this software so I suggest you better get ready to grab the software. One more thing, this software got email tracking and subscription form as well so better get started.

  1. Mail Get:

Another best online marketing software. So let us now see as to what this one can provide us. For a better profit and more and more customers and subscribers, you need an eye-catching template, lots of those which this Mail Get can provide you. Tracking your email and your promotional statistics became much easier because of Mail Get’s Dashboard. Their feature includes Real Time Support, Integration with Google Analytics, Reports Section, Unique Email Templates and much more. And before I forget they come in shocking affordable pricing packages so do not forget to put it in your list.


  1. SendinBlue: Online Marketing Solution:

Another of the best email marketing software. For your promotional needs, marketing requirement this will prove to be a very useful tool for you. You can generate more and more subscribers. It manages your contact real quick and has some of the most beautiful email templates. Your subscriber and you can reach each other at any time with the 24/7 support system. You shall also be able to see some of the campaigning reports. Their main source of attention is the responsive templates with free planning for your marketing.


  1. MooSend:

This software is like the email marketing agency that can support your promotion with easy cloud hosting which in turn shall help you to campaign further and faster. Moreover, this one is one of the cheapest selling email marketing software with the best quality of services because this one is user-friendly. No complications are there because you have the drag and drop options and custom fields which is unlimited of you what I am saying.


  1. Constant Contact:

Another email marketing software, more than that an emailing platform. Emails must look professional and to the most modern hence it is important that you look for the best platform and this one is the perfect place for your marketing. Its preloaded features ensure that you will be able to generate at least the amount of subscribers which may help you to profit at an affordable price. Multi-list building tools, automatic personalized email sending system, seminars, and training are the best features of this software. Moreover, not only you have more than 400 email templates but you can go for the 60 days free trial before you hit the road to email marketing.


  1. Get Response: Email Marketing Service:

It has all the feature that a typical best email marketing software have got but still, it has a unique feature like all the others. And that special feature is the free webinar system. You can send emails and texts to the subscribers and perform live webinars to showcase your presentation.


  1. Mad Mimi:

This one is the best email marketing tool because this is easy to use and pocket-friendly email marketing software. Simple, attractive UI and most of all it has inbox delivery quicker than any other.


  1. Campaign Monitor: Mailing Software

This is an email marketing software of the highest and the most professional grade. This automation service is specifically developed for the established business and also for the fast-growing business.


  1. Mail Chimp: Advanced Email Marketing Software

This one is the most preferred and my favorite email marketing software. To be honest, now I am scolding myself as to why did I not put it in the very first place. This is the largest email marketing platform with thousands of subscriber. I recommend this platform 100% among all the 10 software. You will multiple integrations for your E-Commerce site. Moreover, the email templates, automation funnels, multiple email tracking, unlimited access are just a few of the best features of Mail Chimp. Its biggest advantage is importing your own email templates and reporting of locations and social media.


  1. AWeber: Email Marketing Service:

Another best or must I say awesome email marketing software where you can send unlimited number of emails to thousands of customers. The rate of your email delivery can also be measured with this website at a reasonable price and a powerful reporting feature.



Email Marketing is both professional and fun thing to do. Once you get the hang of email marketing you will be loving it with the help of the software mentioned above.

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