Why SSL is very important


At this very beginning of the introduction, I am asking a question to all of you? Does anybody reading this know what is SSL actually or does anybody have any online idea about it? Some of you may know the answer so I shall be skipping you if you will excuse but for the remaining others who do not have any kind of idea regarding SSL then here is the full definition for your friends.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This means this one is a standard security protocol. All right I am translating it into English. When you use your browser for some online communication with any web server then it should be properly encrypted. To explain it more simply, it works like a lock to some confidential secret. You will have nothing to fear about not even hacking.

So now you see that SSL is very important for the user still people complain as to why they should actually use it. Then my answer would be to scroll the sentences below.


Why SSL is very important?

In case the case of Security Socket, never questions its usefulness because it was created to encrypt, secure your online communication, to ensure that you do not face any kind of obstacles. This is the foremost reason for the SSL to existing. But I don’t think most of you understood the short terms so I am using the long term sentences with evidence so that you find some usefulness to it.


  1. Encrypts or Protects Data:

As I have mentioned before, it helps to protect and encrypt data so that your online communication can go without any types of hassles. The recipient has the power to lock any type of conversation which according to them can be very confidential. It helps to deal with all the sensitive data such as IDs, usernames, passwords, each and every one of those have the chance to get hacked any moment so this one protects your information online.


  1. Identity Affirmation:

Authentication of the website is of utmost importance and not all security can provide. The second-hand authentication service definitely cannot provide it. Sometimes you never know who visits your websites or if they are real people or not. SSL helps to verify all the confirmations regarding the authentication of the websites.


  1. Better Ranking:

Your website is standing out on top among millions of new websites. This is because of Search Engine Optimization. As long as the ranking of Search Engine Optimization is better you got a chance to stand on top. SSL ensures better search engine rankings hence you have got nothing to worry about.


  1. PCI/DSS Requirements:

Sometimes I forget as to what they are. Don’t forget that PCI ensures secure payments online. An important fact for all E-Commerce is that PCI is installed properly through SSL.



SSL is an important pillar for SEO ranking and if you want to promote and showcase your business before everyone then you must use this SSL.

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