Top 5 Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Themes


Everything depends on the theme and template. Any business’s reputation, someone’s amount of creativity also depends on any kind of theme and template. The only problem is that we are unable to track the correct place where we can actually find the best and safe themes for our business startup. There are many sites which are also known as the sacred place for all types of graphics and other websites and all the buying and selling of themes and plugins are safely performed here. The most important problem is the place to both buy and sell the themes as well as the templates.

So through this, you can definitely understand that they will never allow any kind of secondhand or bad themes on their site. Nobody wishes for bad publicity I am sure of that.

So we are confirmed of one thing and that is we will find the best of the best themes out there. To list a few, here are some of the top-selling themes and I am sure you are going to love them.


Top 5 Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Themes:

I am sure that you must have heard of W3 Templates. They are well known for providing some of the biggest and the best website templates some of which come for free. But only the templates, not the themes. We are looking for an all-in-one place where we shall be able to find themes, templates, plugins, widgets, UI/UX themes, and much more.

Below are the top 5 marketplaces where not only you shall find the best products or I must say themes but you can also showcase your creativity in there. You can sell the themes and templates which you have designed and can earn some money as a source of your income, or just for fun. I must admit these marketplaces helps you to build your portfolio and establish you as a professional designer within no time. I know I am talking a lot, which is why I am going straight to the first marketplace which will be your very first choice as well, mark my words. So let us start with our very own template.


A little Fact:

I know that almost all of you have heard of Envato. But does anyone of you know what does this marketplace stands for? Envato for a long time has been standing as the sacred place for all the designers. Whether you are a graphics or a website designer, whether you are an entrepreneur looking for the best themes or templates or plugins, Envato shall be there as the medium of theme buying and selling. Envato is, was, and shall always be the factor because of which all the people visiting the sites can deal and transact freely regarding the themes and templates. This is why people most people choose this place. But it is better to check out other sites as well.


Bestselling Marketplaces Regarding Themes:


  1. Themeforest:

This marketplace is another of the recommended place for the buying and selling of themes. Though most people recommend it as a second option I personally prefer this place more than Envato. This is because they never focus on WordPress only. They have theme and template of different places, the landing pages, the templates everything is there. There is an extra type of benefit for you if get in there as a seller and that is you can earn batches that help you in real life if you sell rapidly and participate in community forums, contests, etc.


  1. Mojo Themes:

This one is not that much known among the designers out there but this one is able enough to get recommended and to stand as the top-selling theme and template marketplace. If you ask me then I will be recommending this to the buyers the most. The newly entered sellers may find their suitable selling if they wait for some time but as soon as you keep providing your designs, you can start your journey as a designer. For the buyers, it is 100% guaranteed that you shall find the actual support and your preferred theme at a reasonable rate.


  1. Woo Themes:

Another great marketplace to either buy or sell the theme and template. This marketplace specializes in WordPress mostly but that does mean that only WordPress is available. You can also find other themes and templates but as you will be coming across WordPress themes the most it is better to contact the support team at first so that they can easily choose the best themes for you. While I think sellers of all types shall have a benefit here because whether you make WordPress themes or not, you will not have to wait for a long time.


  1. Elegant Themes:

Another marketplace and probably one of the best places for the buying and selling of the themes and templates. To be more precise the best themes and templates are submitted in this marketplace so if you are looking for the most professional-looking templates then you are welcome to become a member whether you are a buyer or seller. The center of attention for this place is the pricing which comes in 3 packages. Trust me when you see the services and rates of the packages you shall definitely choose these themes over others.


  1. Creative Market:

This is also one of the bestselling marketplace themes and templates. There is nothing special regarding this place except one. As the designer, you can set your own price, which means there is no specific level or rules you can set your price in your own way. The clients can buy and deal with later on. Other marketplaces have rules for beginners regarding the price but here even as a beginner, you have the freedom to put the price on your own.



The marketplaces for theme and template buying and selling above are all safe and all the dealings are done here smoothly, hence choose your favorite marketplace.


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