The Best Hosting Review: Kinsta


Kinsta has launched a new entry-level plan of $30/month and has also changed its price based on the number of visits. This is a great opportunity for entry-level Vlog/Blogs to enjoy the power of managed WordPress website hosting at this some cost.

I’ve always liked blogging, but sometimes I get frustrated and overwork due to unexpected problems.

Blogging is primarily a one-man job, and managing a blog is a chore. It is a mistake to think that blogging is only about writing because bloggers know that blogging is necessary for many other activities such as:

  • WordPress optimization (or another blogging platform).
  • SEO
  • We are protecting the website from hackers.
  • Blog promotion.
  • Design update.
  • social media marketing.
  • Much more…

That’s why I always say:

Blogging starts out as a side project, but once you make money, treat it like a proper business.

Being a professional blogger for the last ten years, I have my fair share of ups and downs.

Today, I share with you a decision I made almost four years ago that has dramatically changed the course of my blogging career.

You can imagine the impact of this decision because four years ago I was making $ 15k / month, and now I’m making more triples than that.

So what happened four years ago that changed the course of Cheaphosting and my blogging journey?

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Kinsta WordPress Web Hosting About

Since its founding in 2013, Kinsta has been working to become the hosting provider of choice for WordPress users looking to go beyond marketing campaigns and low prices to find a fast and secure home for their website. Hey?

Kinsta’s $30 per month entry-level plan isn’t competitive compared to other premium managed WordPress hosts, it’s just not cheap, low-cost hosting.

kinsta hosting

All you get for your money is managed WordPress hosting. This means that Kinsta not only takes care of some aspects of managing a WordPress website but also hosts your site in an environment optimized for WordPress websites.

Thanks to this, tasks like protection, caching and support of your WordPress website are in your hands. This not only saves you time but if you are unfamiliar with how WordPress works, it reduces the risk of something going wrong.

With Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting, you can expect faster website load time, as well as less downtime and fewer performance issues than generic web hosting.

Also, as Kinsta only provides WordPress website hosting, all of their support staff are very experienced in helping WordPress users and are also experts in troubleshooting WordPress-related issues. Some members of the support staff also contribute to the WordPress software.

Although many companies now offer managed WordPress hosting, as we discovered in this review, Kinsta has some differences from other hosts that work in this space.

Kinsta Hosting Features

kinsta uptime

This Company serious about management

Kinsta wants to be a great guardian of your website. This management approach may not be good for people, but it’s great for websites and most dogs.

All plans include website uptime checks that take place every 2 minutes, ensuring your website will automatically recover and scale when hacked.

I will move to the more scaled server next

There are also several WordPress-specific tools, a dashboard to manage multiple sites at once, detailed site analytics, and statistics … but not cPanel. The only CMS you can run is WordPress, so that’s really to be expected.

Resource-wise, the Starter Plan comes with 1 website, 10GB of disk space, and enough bandwidth for approximately 20,000 monthly visitors. This is a great start and Kinsta is good at helping you get the most out of your resources.

High level plan give you.

High-level plans give you more websites and more resources, up to 20 websites, 400,000 visits, and up to 50GB of space. Also, all the schemes are the same.

There’s no “secret boost” that’s only available with more advanced plans, no weird pricing tier system where you have to pay for things you don’t need, just to get a feature that The Fugitive needs. (Almost all shared hosting services use this strategy, hiding the best features behind frequent updates and paywalls. Not good).

But it’s worth mentioning again that Kinsta is not a shared hosting service. No way. It is fully cloud-based and runs its own custom server technology.

Therefore, its premium price tells you everything you need. When you are already paying too much, you don’t need to pay a lot of money.

As expected from a Pro best service, you get SSL certificates to get a free automatically. SSL ensures that everything your users do on your site is encrypted, which is good for security, good for avoiding lawsuits, and also good for a Google SEO collision. It literally has no negatives.

You get a fully automated daily backup by default and you can create your backup on demand whenever you want. This is a feature that should be included by default with every host, but it is not.

Performance-enhancing caching options are also included, so static websites can go from heavy to minimal in no time, consume fewer resources, and load faster for visitors.

GCE Global Data Center (a good thing)

Quick Charge Point …

Old school hosts (i.e. 99% of hosts) maintain their own data centers or rent space in an existing data center.

It worked great, but the hardware is getting more and more outdated and today almost all shared hosts have hosted on top of machines since the early 2010s and worst in the late 2000s.

Just a reminder for us adults: 20-year-old hardware. He is almost old enough to drink in the United States and old enough to drink elsewhere. This may explain why that old hardware starts to make terrible decisions.

Not only this, most hosts operate only 2-3 data center locations, usually on the west coast of the US and the Netherlands, sometimes in Singapore. This means that far away visitors, and let’s be honest California is far from New York, will be treated for slow speeds and inappropriate timing.

Kinsta does not maintain its own data centers but instead uses Google’s high-performance, state-of-the-art cloud data centers to use its WordPress platform.

This means that you not only get the best new hardware to complete your project, but you have dozens of options for server locations.

Kinsta has 7 data centers in the US and a total of 24 worldwide. Zurich, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Taiwan, and more are available, making Kinsta the best possible host for audiences in those areas.

Kinsta has its own CDN

So a CDN, also known as a content delivery network, is a system that will take cached copies of your website and deliver them to more data centers, so you can have more than one server location at a time. To take advantage of

While many hosts will allow you to integrate your site with third-party CDNs, this is generally Cloudfare, and it is generally a free plan. You are presented with some major limitations until you withdraw money for the best CloudFare plans.

Kinsta has its own fast CDN and it’s included in the price you’re already paying. Isn’t it worth loving?

Auto-scaling CPU and RAM keep your site busy

The beauty of cloud platforms is that resources can be easily scaled up to meet growing demand.

Kinsta automatically adjusted your CPU and RAM arbitrarily instead of limiting it, meaning that if your project requires more power, or if you are enjoying a barrage of visitors, your website will be able to handle the traffic.

Other hosts just fail or send you an email saying “Pay A LOT more and your hosting plan will be able to handle the traffic.” With them, this rarely happens.

Just for comparison, the maximum amount of RAM you can get from Kinsta is estimated to provide roughly 10 times that of the competition.

And that, folks, is the difference between a WooCommerce store that handles dozens of visitors simultaneously and gives you a ton of money, and one that crashes and makes a few sales a month, with no return.

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What makes Kinsta different from the competition

In my opinion, it’s about:

Kinsta gives you a great hosting platform, the Google Cloud Platform, but you use it in a very easy way, so you don’t even need to know everything that goes on under the hood.

Kinsta’sWordPress hosting is optimized for performance and ready for whatever traffic spike you may throw at it.

Provides great security, while keeping everything backed up at the same time.

Last but not least, they are also a sensible approach when it comes to your server parameters, promised performance, and bandwidth metrics.

One of the few pain points we’ve seen with Kinsta is its original staging environment. Ultimately, the only option is to pluck everything to live. For example, you cannot just move files or databases.

If you are working on an existing site then it cannot be used and you want to change a thing or two about it. For new sites though, I think it’s good.

Here’s a comparison of some popular managed hosting solutions, just to give you a better overview of KINSTA’s place at the table:

kinsta plan

Should you choose Kinsta?

Obviously, KinstaWordPress hosting is not for everyone.

Honestly, this is probably not the best option for sites that are just starting out or sites that have low volumes of traffic.

However, there are a few specific scenarios in which you can greatly benefit from Kinsta’s offering.

Use Kinsta’s WordPress hosting if:

If you run a site that is on the rise and has good steady (or fast) growth month after month.

Whether you run an established website with constant high traffic and you’re not the only one wondering about outages, glitches, and other fun things.

If you have a direct online business, such as an eCommerce store, where good site performance is of the essence … because it translates directly into dollars.

In case your site experiences sudden spikes in traffic, it is the result of viral advertising or something else, and whether being able to handle those spikes is essential to your business (for example, if you are on the sales side).

If any of the above sounds like something you need, feel free to give Kinsta a try. If the price isn’t right for you, consider checking out our second WordPress hosting comparison, which focuses on slightly cheaper solutions.

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As you can see, Kinsta offers fast-managing WordPress hosting with impressive levels of uptime and the ability to handle multiple visitors at the same time.

You also get access to some really significant features, like automated website backup, security monitoring, and an easy-to-use environment. The support staff is helpful and very responsive through the 24/7 live chat service.

Although Kinsta’s pricing is in line with other managed WordPress hosting providers, it is now cheaper than entry-level shared hosting. In all areas, however, Kinsta is a huge step up from low-cost web hosting.

So if you are looking for a faster and more reliable host for your WordPress website, or want to launch your new site on managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta is highly recommended.

If you’re still unsure, thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can always sign up and move your site to a staged environment.

You can then see for yourself how fast your site loads, if you are not satisfied with the results, choose the refund option.