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Website and Cloud Hosting have been one of the biggest trends in the modern world. I am sure you shall ask as to why? This is because E-Commerce or any official websites have become so famous because the answer is so simple guys, online transactions, online marketing, and online business each and every important aspect of the business is happening here and that too with the person sitting somewhere or lying somewhere in a relaxed mode. 

But in order for your domain to work effectively, it is important for you to choose the correct platform. One of those is the


It is not exactly website hosting but rather a managed cloud hosting platform and one of the best I must add. The teams here are trained professionals and they have the huge responsibility of not only managing but also developing, scaling, and deploying your website application. Their hosting is really very simplified and their method of working is of high standards. Then again they do not offer cloud hosting to their clients, Cloudways also provides WordPress hosting and other facilities to the clients. They are innovative and friendly and helpful at the same time with their client and that is what makes them a bit different from all the other cloud hosting platforms.


What does Cloudways believe in? got some vision and mission for which they can always reach and generate more visitors towards their website. Their simplicity and choices are what made them able to provide 5 types of cloud facilities. And all the applications are PHP supported without any kind of complications. They also provide an innovative control panel with an unlimited amount of applications for your comfort. You can easily access them.

You have support from the experts 24/7 so whenever you think that you will fall into any kind of trouble just seek help from the Cloudways team of professionals. Sometimes you refuse to seek any kind of online hosting service because of your fear of backups. But trust me when I say that they not only help you to manage backups but also security. Online security is also another type of risk hence the users highly recommend this platform regarding security.

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Cloudways- Their Responsibility for you:

  1. It launches your app or websites or in other words, helps you to go live within a few minutes online. There are lots of complexities while launching any applications or websites. Cloudways always clear away all those complications which help you to start more smoothly.
  2. As Cloudways is mostly web application based they help businesses and other organizations to manage their apps easily. Just like a professional you can manage your applications very efficiently and collaboratively with the help of this platform.
  3. Online security, which is of the most important factor is also managed by the team of Cloudways as mentioned above. Also, they provide scalability and faster performance only for you so that you do not face any kind of difficulties.

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress hosting is the most important element in any type of website management and everyone is aware of that. So we have some very good platforms out there which provide excellent WordPress Hosting but everything is different when it comes to Cloudways WordPress hosting. Their elements include:

  1. Performance:

Regarding performance for WordPress hosting, there are multiple reasons for which you can choose this platform.

  1. a) Their WordPress Hosting is SSD managed. It means the servers have all the SSD-based resources and for this, you can have full access to the applications and track your site’s ranking on the global chart.
  2. b) Their caches are advanced in case of the optimized stacks with the quickest response which you can get.
  3. c) Their servers are there of PHP 7 though it is of a default version. This means you can host and manage your site with the help of this WordPress Hosting much more easily.
  4. d) They also provide the Cloudways CDN. I am sure you are asking the question as to what this thing is. CDN is a very simple yet very powerful service and this performs the best and helps in improving the server response time.
  5. e) Another of their service is the Breeze Cache Plugin and it improves the performance of your WordPress website without any kind of additional costs.

cloudways Hosting

  1. Security:

Time and again I have been mentioning this portion because no matter how strong or safe a platform is one or two malfunctions tend to happen. In Cloudways you will be no such threats for the following reasons:

  1. a) Their Firewall system ensures security and that your website is being hosted in a safer environment. Your server is safe with the Cloudways Firewall.
  2. b) Still, if you are not content with the given amount of security then you can install their 1-Click SSL.
  3. c) They can help your websites to heal automatically. Trust me I never joke regarding website crashes. If your websites ever crash their auto-healing features will restore all the information, everything on your website in no time.
  4. d) You will have unlimited access through your IPS to many servers if you wish then.
  5. e) You will never have to worry about storage and backups as long as Cloudways is there to back you up. You can create automatic whenever you deem it to be possible no other problems to face.
  6. f) Cloudways Two-Factor Authentication system helps you to put yours in that extra amount of security.


Each and every one of the clients who has used Cloudways has provided positive reviews. They have stated that they have faced zero amount of errors or any types of malfunctions. Instead, they have never felt this good in managing their websites or applications. It was quick, smooth, and easy to host websites.

Conclusion: is recommended by not the experts, but also users, the ones whose review on which any platform establishes their services on. Hence, you may start with Cloudways.

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