How To Find Powerful Expired Domains Step By Step [Fully Update]

Articles about expired domains have a long way to go. But it was not written with various aspects in mind. I always thought that most people would want to write this article. While some may benefit from it, many may make mistakes because they do not have the right experience.

I don’t want anyone else to make a mistake. Even then, I will highlight all the things that need to be done to buy an expired domain. Every issue is important if one of them is negative, the test is positive but it should be avoided.

I will deliberately avoid some sensitive issues; it is not in my personal interest, but to make the matter a little harder for you. You can say, a filtering process. In addition to this article, you can go through Google and read the filter.

How To Find Powerful Expired Domains Step By Step [Fully Updated]

You succeed, that’s what I want. But if some small filtering processes increase the chances of success and reduce the failure to select the wrong domain, there is no harm, but there is again.

It is not clear where the domain can be found before saying what to do with the domain in mind.
So let’s start now.

Where can I get an expired domain?

Godaddy Auctions

Here you can see the domain for free, but to bid on the domain you need to have an account at Auctions. Godaddy most likely auctioned off the largest number of domains. My idea may be wrong. If anyone knows the correct information can let.

Just as there are good domains here, there are also bad domains. You have to check everything and then decide to bid. Keep reading articles, you will know what they are.

Godaddy Auctions

The auction of many domains in Godaddy has been going on for a long time. If a domain has many days left before the auction ends, it should be placed on the watch list, without bidding directly.

You will check the domain regularly, whether anyone has bid, you will know how much. It would be wise to bid the highest amount according to the day it will be sold. If you bid earlier, others will also bid, the price of the domain will increase unnecessarily.

It is inconceivable how many hundreds of expired domains in the world are in their database. Expired domains can be seen starting from expired domains.

They also have powerful filtering facilities, which can be used to filter out different domains.


DomCop is a great tool for finding old domains, it can be used for a very limited amount for free. If you take the Guru plan, you will be able to view and filter the list of domains from different sites like Auction, Backward, Expired, etc.

Since there is no huge database like, the filtering process of DomCop is relatively easy and smooth.

DomCop has its own scraper, with which domain scraping can be done. Besides, sites like Freshdrop, Premium Drops, etc. are also similar to DomCop.

Domain scraping

It is possible to find old domains using different types of scrapers. This method is not at all for those who want to work with one or two domains as a hobby.

Because it is expensive.

Domain scraping can be done through Domain Hunter Gatherer, DomCop, Scrapbox, etc. This requires sufficient resources.


  • There are various names and sites, including name jet, nameselo, through which it is possible to
  • find expired domains. Google is your loyal friend in this regard
  • Expired domains were also found, now it’s time to rub them on hard stones.
  • Every rubbing is important, the first rubbing of the anchor profile.

Anchor profile/Text

If you don’t know what an anchor text profile is, don’t see it. If you don’t know, then look at the picture below.

Anchor profile

Contextual backlinks

There is a link in the image above, this link is in the text, that is, if you click on the text that will go to the link in the anchor text.

Here “How to verify the value of the article” is the anchor text. The anchor profile is the site that got the backlink at the anchor.

This is the first thing to check before checking the old domain. Because without looking at anything else, just looking at the anchor profile can confirm whether the domain is spammy or not. The following is also important to ensure that spammy is good.

I check the anchor profile in two ways, Majestic and Ahrefs. But most of the time I check with Majestic. It is better to check with two tools.

If the anchor profile has a Japanese/Chinese language anchor, you can be sure that it was a Japanese PBN before. Below is the anchor text profile.

If this is the case, no matter how emotional you are, this domain cannot be taken and there is no need to check anything else in this domain.

Also, even if I have an aggressive anchor profile, I will avoid that domain. The image below has a keyword aggressive anchor profile. Such domains will be deleted directly without checking anything else.


And the picture below shows an accurate and great anchor profile. Here the consumer report is a brand name and all the anchor text surrounds it.

If you have such an anchor profile, it will feel free to reveal a positive sign. However, the decision can be taken by looking at it. We just crossed the first step. Then we have to go a few more steps.


If the anchor profile is correct, then you need to see the backlinks of the site. You can’t decide to buy a site just by looking at a few backlinks. If the site has 20-30 backlinks, then you must open all the backlinks and check.

Although I have 100 backlinks, I want to open each of them to see what kind of backlinks, what kind of website came from somewhere.

If you check all the backlinks manually, you can be absolutely sure about the status. If the number of backlinks is more then try to check at least the maximum number. And if you have the experience, you can understand it just by looking around.

The question that may come to the mind of many is how do I understand good backlinks and bad backlinks. If you have such questions, I kindly request you not to buy expired domains now. You need more experience. If you don’t understand now, you will make a mistake.

Usually, if there is an excess of comment backlinks, profile backlinks, sidebar backlinks, footer links, I am in favor of not taking that domain. Because it can be guessed that the domain will not be very useful.

I see many people want to take the expired domain, but the website has no backlinks. There is no reason behind such a thing. Backlinks are the key to an expired domain. If you don’t have these backlinks, you won’t get the benefits you are hoping to get.

Web Archive History

Web Archive History

The history of almost all websites can be found in the web archive. Before buying an expired domain, you need to check all the time history in the web archive.

Many people have a habit of wanting to buy a domain by checking the history of 1-2 hours, it is a suicidal thing. Of course, you have to check all the time. Because at some point in time, the site may have been used as a PBN for a few months, or it may have been from an adult.

If the history of an expired domain is not shown here, I will delete that domain in a very straightforward manner. A domain is an investment. If you make a mistake here, you will have to pay for that mistake the whole time. You can use as well as web archives.

Hosting History

Another important thing is that even if you don’t usually check it, there is no chance of making a mistake if the above 3 checks are correct. Even then you need to check the hosting history of the website to get confirmation from all sides.

DomainTools provides the best and most reliable information regarding the hosting history of a website. But you have to pay for that.

However, it can also be checked through complete DNS, but it does not have all the data of all the sites.
It is important to check the hosting history so that you can be more sure about the history of the website.

Suppose there is a website history in a web archive but sometimes there is no history for 2 years and at that time very cheap (like 1 third class hosting) site is hosted then you can imagine that at that time * maybe * was used as PBN or something like that.

If all of the above is ok you can take the domain and use it for yourself.

Don’t see DA / PA, TF / CF?

Many people say, “This domain has so much DA, so much PA, can it be taken?” Whoever has such a question in his mind, should take more time. An expired domain is not for you right now.

DA or Domain Authority and PA or Page Authority – These are bullshit metrics for selecting expired domains. The DA of a domain may be 50 but its link profile may be the worst in the world. Again, a domain is very pure James, but its DA may not be 20.

The spam score is another crappy metric. There is no spam score on the site that has been eliminated by spamming but Google also has a spam score of 2.

CF or citation flow, no need to look at it either.

TF or Trust Flow can see it. If the number of backlinks is low and the TF is high then don’t get emotional. It’s not something Shamir. With a few backlinks, a few good links can increase TF. If the number of backlinks is high and the TF is relatively high then that is promising. Even then, don’t look for these metrics for 1-2 domains. Backlink profile and history are the main things.

The richer the backlink profile, the better the domain.

DA / PA or TF / CF should not be washed and consumed. However, if you have to filter and process in hundreds of domains, then you can do basic filtering with trust flow.

In the anchor profile section, I gave below the majestic data of the site that I gave the data to in the spammy anchor. Match my words.

citation flow

Those who are just starting out or old but don’t have enough experience will stay away from expired domains. Because there was ample opportunity to make mistakes here. I have never been wrong in this process. I was wrong too. So I work with the utmost caution and tell everyone to do it.

Many people will be interested in writing articles about expired domains but will also make mistakes. I never wrote an article thinking it would be a mistake. I wrote today.

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