7 Cheap Web Hosting (2020)

Are you looking for unlimited cheap web hosting services in 2020 but you are confused that how to choose the best web hosting all over the world then you are here at the right place?

Nowadays, finding cheap web hosting services is very easy, and it usually takes a few minutes, but finding a cheap unlimited web hosting in 2020 is something that challenges your skills. With so many marketing pricing conflicts and add-ons, it becomes impossible to judge what’s the best cheap hosting to choose from. So today, we have come up with a write-up that will show the 7 best cheap web hostings


1. Hostinger.com – cheap Web Hosting services

$0.80/mo for 4 years!

The no.1 on our list is Hostinger. Yes, this is by far the most affordable hosting service. Most of us think of cheap web hostings as slow, unreliable, and poor hosting with no benefits, but Hostinger is the opposite of it. Over the last 16-months, Hostinger has made a massive success by beating up their uptime level to 99.97% with less than 10 hours of downtime. It’s amazing!

Another fantastic thing is Hostinger offers an average load time of 369ms, which is by far the fastest WordPress cheap web hosting services.

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With that much high speed, and performance Hostinger also offers 24/7 customer service via live chat. Yes, with such low rates, top load times, and unbeatable uptime—it’s impressive to have Hostinger services.

So if you plan to buy their hosting service, then it costs just $0.80/month for 4 years (48-months), that’s mean $38.40 for almost lifetime hosting—WOW!!

Their basic package includes one website, 1 email account, along with 100 GB of bandwidth. But they don’t offer a free SSL certificate.

Hostinger has many advantages as compared to other service providers in the market, and the prices are insanely lower.

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2. HostGator.com – cheap Web Hosting services

$2.99/mo for 6-months!

HostGator is one of the famous web hosting service provider companies with the cheapest plans. You can get the premium cloud cheap web hosting services at a low price – $3.98/mo. While they offer domain (.com) at $2.99/year for the first year, however, they renew at $12.95/year. No doubt, their renewal plans are blurry and hefty, but with all their plans, there comes a free site transfer, SSL certificate, single click backups, and above of all SiteLock—best security.

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Their result of the last 16-month uptime is super mind-blowing with 99.98% uptime speed with less than 2 hours of downtime. Another amazing thing that makes HostGator the best choice is they are insanely fast with an average website load time of 433ms.

The best thing about their services is the support service they offer. Indeed, they have the most knowledgeable support which is 24/7 available to serve you with the best and reply you’re every query within a few minutes. However, HostGator is the cheapest when it comes to the 6-month plan. So if you are looking for the top-quality web hosting services at the discounted rates, then nothing can beat HostGator Cloud services. Nowadays, they are offering insanely discounted rates for their starter plan at just $2.99/mo to $5.18/mo, depending on the subscription’s length.

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3. Bluehost.com – cheap Web Hosting services


Another top name in our list is Bluehost which hosts more than 2 million websites, and is from one of the best, affordable, and popular shared hosting options; and that’s something for a reason.

From the last 1.5 years, there’s a massive increase in their uptime, and that’s is 99.99%! In addition to uptime, they offer top site loading speed—405ms with high performance and features. So one thing is for sure, and that’s is Bluehost is from one of the top web hosting companies and offers 24/7 reliable customer live chat service for the customers.

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All their hosting plans come with a free domain name for a year, 1 click installation for WordPress, and other builders. The only biggest flaw in their hosting plan is they offer the cheapest plan at ($2.75/mo) for 36-months, and so if you want to go for just a 12-months plan, you have to pay $4.95/mo, with free SSL. So yes, if you are looking for something cheap, reliable, and of top-quality, then Bluehost has the best plans to offer the best pricing and customer support.

So yes, Bluehost is loved by many users for its excellent cheap web hosting services and customer support.

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4. iPage.com

As low as $1.99/mo*

We have another featured rich, cheap, and highly reliable web hosting company—iPage. It’s offering the best plans when it comes to features. Yes, you have heard it right. Nowadays, they are advertising their best and special offer at $1.99/mo intro with VAT excluded for more than a few years now. However, when we see their plans, then all include the free domain name for a year, with SSL and 30-day money-back guarantee. However, just like Bluehost, iPage also offers a one-click install for various website builders like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

ipage services

The most important thing is all their plans renewal is insanely costly. Yes, you have to pay higher renewal fees, and its range is $7.99 to $9.99, and it depends on your initial plan length or subscription.

Whenever we see cheap services, it comes up with challenges and performance issues, but that’s truly not the case with iPage hosting services. They never compromise on performance, speed, and quality. Well, their average loading time is something which is not that much good to talk about, but still, they are successful to achieve 99.97% of uptime with 800ms, very less as compare to other service providers.

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5. Dreamhost.com

$2.59/mo only for a 3-year plan!

Dreamhost is another highlighted name in providing the best web hosting services, keep it in mind that it comes with the same renewal fee, just like other providers. In their $9.95/year, the domain and email accounts will not be added. While talking about their uptime performance, we have concluded that it has been consistently approving and now has reached up to 99.96% for the last 16+months, which is excellent! Their page speed is slightly above and better than the industry’s average (890ms).

So inevitably, you are not talking massive advantage in terms of performance with Dreamhost.

cheap hosting servicesThey have somehow good customer support, which takes 5 minutes to answer your query at live chat. However, the only problem is they have no cPanel but introduce their own built-in cPanel, which is a good option for the advanced level people. Another main flaw is they don’t offer you free website migration, yes, just like other website hosting service providers; you can just enjoy free migration with Dreamhost.  So yes, it’s not the cheapest option on your list, and you have to think twice if you want to go for this option.

Visit Dreamhost.com


6. Siteground.com


Another best web hosting services Provider Company is Siteground. It has earned a great reputation by offering highly reliable and affordable web host services. But in terms of pricing, Siteground is a bit pricier than another service provider. With $3.95/month and $11.95 for the renewal, no doubt Siteground is not a cheap web hosting company. However, Siteground has nothing to offer in terms of a domain name, which means they don’t offer domain free of cost, and yes, they charge $15.95/year from day one.

siteground hosting

The biggest flaw about their services is, a user has to pay $14.95 as a one-time setup fee. Another flaw in their service is they offer limited storage for their basic plan, which is somehow not worthy when we compare with the others in the industry. So yes, their renewal plans are higher, and they offer limited storage for their cheapest plans.

But when it comes to customer support, then Siteground is good at entertaining the valuable customers with fast and reliable 24/7 customer support. They also offer free CDN and SSL certificates on their all plans, which is the best thing; because many other companies are not offering them. But from the last 16-month Siteground has made it and become successful in achieving excellent uptime (99.99%) along with stable page load time (723ms), which is a great perk.

Visit Siteground.com


7. Inmotion.com

$3.99 to $13.99/mo with shared hosting

Inmotion has been a well-known industry brand for offering highly reliable and out-class performance and web host services. Yes, with their unbeatable uptime of 99.9%, Inmotion is a choice of many users. They offer out-step customer support services to solve customer problems instantly. Inmotion offers different plans, and with different plans, they have sub-plans like they offer shared hosting, VPS hosting plans, and the PRO, and the cost goes up to $519.49 depending upon your subscription length and complexity.

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The main flaw of their hosting services is they don’t offer to host plans with monthly renewal, but you have to choose 2 years plan with a larger discount. While the pro customers can choose monthly billing options with a $40 setup fee. Surely, Inmotion is not a go-to company for all. But the company offers a 30day money-back guarantee, along with free website transfer and SSL certificate. Their servers use SDD drive storage, which is way faster than anything else.

Inmotion offers (855ms) average loading speed with efficient and reliable customer support. However, a user can have free site backups as well, which other service providers don’t offer.

I think now your all confusion is clear about cheap unlimited web hosting in 2020.

So, all in all, it’s a good web hosting company and affordable for shared plans, and when it comes to speed, performance, and reliability, then Inmotion justifies its price.

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